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The Vision of IHRA is the formation of a fearless and non-succumbing society based on truthfulness and nonviolence. This society will enable the peaceful coexistence of all, including the naturally challenged, marginalized communities, sex, and religion.


Our objective is to be a leading global organization dedicated to human rights activities. We aim to create awareness, allowing people to voice their complaints against injustice, which IHRA will verify and pursue for justice. 

With a background in social work and human rights, Dr. Md Nizamuddin has devoted his life to advancing social justice and humanitarian causes. His unwavering commitment to these ideals has made him a respected figure in the field, 

Dr. Md Nizamuddin

Chairman of the International Human Rights Association (IHRA)
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Human Dignity

Human dignity is the foundation of human rights. It signifies that every person deserves respect and ethical treatment, simply because they are human. At IHRA, we advocate for the inherent worth of every individual.


Equality ensures that all individuals have the same rights and opportunities without discrimination. IHRA is committed to creating a society where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their background or status.


Non-discrimination means that no one should be treated unfairly based on their race, gender, age, religion, or other characteristics. IHRA works tirelessly to eliminate biases and promote inclusivity in all areas of life.

Working Process

Bold Approaches | Expert Counsel | Results That Matter

Receive Case

At IHRA, our journey begins with you. When you bring a case to us, we prioritize listening attentively to understand your situation. We believe every concern is significant and deserves our full attention.

Analyze Report

Once we receive your case, we undertake a detailed analysis. Our experts meticulously examine the provided information, verify the facts, and assess the human rights implications.

Collect Evidence

In the evidence collection phase, we focus on obtaining all relevant documentation, witness statements, and any other critical information.

Law Success

Our aim is to secure a positive resolution that upholds human rights and fosters meaningful change. We remain committed to standing by you until justice is served.